The Latest Tik Tok Challenge Uses Ketchup To Test Relationships!

Is Ketchup a valid reason to leave?

There’s a new trend on TikTok that has people testing their relationship using a table condiment.

In what’s being dubbed the “ketchup challenge,” TikTokers are pouring ketchup onto their kitchen counters and asking their male partners to clean it up. That’s it. That’s the whole challenge.

The challenge is seemingly so simple that some are wondering if it can even be considered a “challenge” — but some videos have proved to viewers that it is indeed a challenge for some.

How the boyfriend cleans up the ketchup off the counter will determine the state of the relationship…

For example, if BF just wipes the counter with a paper towel and walks away, that would be considered a red flag. But if BF wipes the counter with a paper towel then reaches for a cleaning product also- he’s a keeper!

In many videos boyfriends are seen making an even bigger mess by wiping the ketchup with a napkin that spreads it around even more…

@audsje9 wasnt expecting that one… #fyp #bf #gf #couple #ketchupchallenge ♬ Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod

In the video, the man cleans up the ketchup by doing the only reasonable thing — driving to get frozen fries, putting them in the air fryer, then using the ketchup for its main purpose: as a dip. (He’s a keeper) 

Perhaps the challenge should be reconsidered?  If the girl friend pours ketchup all over the counter (which is a complete waste) is she worth keeping around? 

Ketchup is expensive!