The Majority of Gen Z and Millennials Have Been Ghosted!

It may have happened years ago before ghosting was a thing!

Ghosting is scary. And, if you’re among the 84% of  Gen Z and millennials who have been ghosted, a new study by Thriving Center of Psychology reveals how and why more people are resorting to ghosting in their relationships than ever before.

Some of the top reasons people ghost include: no longer being interested and avoiding confrontation. This trend is also having a clear impact on friendships, with half having been ghosted by a close friend.

Other reasons for being ghosted by someone include Stress or being overwhelmed by expectations, not having a strong enough connection with someone, being offended by something or struggling with mental health…


  • 49% ghosted a friendship to avoid confrontation 
  • 1 in 3 don’t think ghosting is bad
  • 86% admit to feeling relief after they ghosted someone
  • 1 in 4 have ghosted a workplace by quitting without notice or explanation

After being ghosted, people most commonly feel things like confusion, sadness, hurt, disappointment, and annoyance. 

Plus, 65% have ghosted someone else and 3 in 4 think ghosting is even acceptable depending on the circumstances. 1 in 3 people think ghosting isn’t bad!

Ghosting happens in all sorts of situations. People most commonly ghost or get ghosted by romantic partners, friendships and acquaintances…