The Most Annoying Advice Given To New Parents In the First Six Months

You'll miss the baby stage...

The top most annoying pieces of advice given to new parents include ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’, ‘stop holding the baby so much’ and ‘I did THIS, and my kids turned out fine’.

WORST: “‘Sleep when the baby sleeps.’ Am I supposed to shower when the baby showers and cook when the baby cooks?”

‘You must have a second baby soon’ and ‘you’re not holding them correctly’ also featured in the list of irritating guidance given to mums and dads in the first six months.

A study of 1,000 parents with children aged 0-7 found the average new mom or dad will receive more than 200 pieces of ‘useful’ advice by the time their baby reaches its half-year milestone.

Almost half of moms-to-be received their first piece of advice as soon as they told people they were expecting…

The 20 most annoying pieces of advice given to new parents in the first six months

  1. “Sleep when the baby sleeps”
  2. “I always used to do THIS and my kids turned out fine”
  3. “Stop holding the baby so much you’ll spoil him/her”
  4. “You must have a second baby as otherwise you are selfish/ your other child will suffer/ be spoilt, etc.”
  5. “You’re not holding the baby correctly”
  6. “Babies should be left to cry it out”
  7. “You’re making a rod for your own back”
  8. “Don’t entertain baby with a screen / TV / iPad / smartphone”
  9. “Don’t let them in your bed with you or they’ll never leave”
  10. “Oh it’s just colic”
  11. “You’re bound to feel emotional – it’s the hormones”
  12. “It goes by so fast, cherish every second”
  13. “The baby’s crying because he/she is overstimulated / over tired”
  14. “You’ve got to start them with baby rice/porridge when weaning”
  15. “Dummies will delay speech/ruin teeth”
  16. “They’re just trying to manipulate you”
  17. “You should wean baby onto solids after ‘X amount of time”
  18. “Trust me you’ll miss this age!”
  19. “Before you know it, they’ll be in secondary school”
  20. “They can’t be hungry again”