The Most Annoying NFL Football Fans…

It's football season! Say "Goodbye" to your husbands for the next few months!

New research from into social media posts over the past year has revealed which NFL fans are thought of as the most annoying in the league!

The results revealed that Dallas Cowboys fans are the most annoying fans in the league, with there being over 15,000 social media posts made over that past year describing them as the most irritating fans in football!

Philadelphia Eagles fans and Buffalo Bills fans claim second and third place when it comes to grinding the gears of other NFL Fans, with each fanbase receiving 13,700 and 12,300 posts over the past year, respectively.

RankTeamNumber of posts
1Dallas Cowboys15,200
2Philadelphia Eagles13,700
3Buffalo Bills12,300
4Kansas City Chiefs10,800
5Green Bay Packers6,900
6Cincinnati Bengals6,400
7Chicago Bears5,360
8New York Jets5,310
9New York Giants4,840
10Baltimore Ravens4,000