The Most Annoying Passive-Aggressive Phrases!


Passive-aggressive behaviour takes many forms, but it always refers to someone adopting indirect expressions of negative feelings instead of openly addressing them. These expressions can manifest verbally, such as your friend denying their anger, or through actions, such as avoidance.

Having said that, a survey of more than 1,200 people was done on the topic! Here are the findings!

According to the survey, the most passive-aggressive people are:
Co-workers, mothers and friends!

The worst passive-aggressive phrases you could say include “You’re too sensitive,” “Why are you getting so upset?” and “No offence, but…”

Other phrases include:

“If That’s What You Want To Do”
“You Should Have Known That”
“I was just kidding”
“Why don’t you…”
“The was surprisingly good”

  • 73% experience passive-aggressive communication at work; and 52% of those experience it at least weekly.
  • At work, three of the most passive-aggressive phrases are “as you no doubt are aware…,” “for future reference” and “friendly reminder.” 
  • 69% think people are more passive-aggressive online than in person.

    According to our survey, 99% of people have experienced someone being passive-aggressive. While you might easily identify other people acting in a passive-aggressive way, it can be harder to reflect on your inability to discuss difficult feelings. Still, 82% admit to being passive-aggressive themselves.