It happens every year!

A study of 2,000 adults who celebrate the festive season found many of the things that go wrong are centred around food with soggy vegetables and undercooked greens both in the top five.

Other top mistakes made on Dec. 25 were forgetting vegetarian and vegan alternatives, not having enough plates to serve all guests and running out of wrapping paper.

It also emerged that while 44% of those polled think mishaps are simply part of the big day, 62% prefer to stick to what they know to avoid mistakes.

the study found disasters especially leave people feeling frustrated (41%) and embarrassed (41%).

Although looking back, they now feel entertained (42%) and nostalgic (39%) with 43% claiming many of their fond festive memories center around food.

The study also found people have typically hosted nine Christmases, experiencing three disasters each time, but 55% are confident they’ve made fewer mistakes over the years.