The Most Hated Clothing Out There!


YouGov surveyed 3,277 Brits to find out exactly what items of clothing are the worst!

Topping the list, no surprise here…Speedos.


Just below speedos are leather pants…Crocs are the 3rd worst followed by flares…

Clothing with elbow patches, tracksuits and Uggs also make the cut.

Rompers are also on this list of least liked clothing out there but with rompers, there was a real divide between women and men…60% of men hate the onesies vs 45% of women.

When it comes to style- here’s the worst fashion faux pas…

Wearing low slung trousers so that underwear is clearly showing!

Wearing pyjamas outdoors!

Wearing socks with sandals
visible panty line
White socks with black trousers/shoes
Black bra with a white top
Wearing football tops outside of a sporting context
Double denim