The Most “Iconic” Movie Themes Of All Time

But what about Forrest Gump!

A new study from set out to find the most “iconic” movie themes of all time.


To do it, they played audio clips from movie scores for 2,000 participants and then asked them which movie the music corresponded with.


Here are the 10 that the most people recognized, along with the percentage of respondents who correctly connected the music with its movie.



1.  “Harry Potter”, 36%

2.  “Titanic”, 32%

3.  “Inception”, 23%

4.  “West Side Story”, 23%

5.  “Gone with the Wind”, 20%

6.  “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, 19%

7.  “Jaws”, 18%

8.  “Psycho”, 18%

9.  “Star Wars”, 18%

10.  “Rocky”, 12%