The Most Stressful Hours And Days Of The Week For Women

Everyday! LOL!

Based on new data, on a weekly average, the highest stress hour for women daily is 7:00 pm.


The data was released by myAir, a smart-food, data-driven company offering a solution for stress management through personalized nutrition.


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Here are their findings:

– On average, the most stressed hours of the week for women are on Monday and Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

– On average, the most stressed hour of the week for men is Friday at 8:00 p.m.

– Women also have the highest frequency of stress intervals, with 21 stress peaks on Saturdays. On the same day, men have an average of 28 percent fewer stress intervals.

– On average, women are five percent more stressed than men.

– Women fall asleep 10 percent faster than men and take the longest to reach deep sleep on Wednesdays, compared to men who take the longest to reach deep sleep on Saturdays.

– Women also sleep longer. Women average 21 minutes more sleep, except on Saturdays when both men and women sleep for the same amount of time.