The Next BTS: Big Hit Is Building Another Boy Band!

Another musical contest show!

In an announcement on February 17, Big Hit Entertainment, the mega-label behind BTS, and Universal Music Group are joining forces to create a talent competition audition show to find the next U.S.-based, K-pop group and turn them into global superstars.



Specifically, Big Hit will partner with Geffen records in this new venture. Geffen can be credited with helping shape the careers of Elton JohnNirvanaGuns N’ Roses, and most recently, Olivia Rodrigo. The new joint label will operate out of Los Angeles.



The collaboration between UMG and Big Hit is a landmark moment for major international labels and Korean music companies moving forward. Typically, the process in which K-pop supergroups are formed is kept under tight wraps, and the control over formation, training, and production for music and visuals lies solely in the hands of the Korean music company.