The Obsession with Stanley Tumblers Is Crashing

The Stanley Tumbler trend might be over even though it’s only just gotten started.

Stanley mugs are everywhere: on TikTok, at Walmart and Starbucks, and probably in the hand of the person standing next to you.

The drinkware was such a huge craze that it was seemingly the most popular holiday gift among Gen Z, according to a trend forecaster who observed hours of Christmas haul TikToks.

According to Amazon search data, the insulated 40-oz Stanley Quencher Tumbler with a side handle and straw was a top-searched product on the platform this holiday season.

According to experts, the Tumbler has peaked in popularity and it can’t get any better for the company!

“When I was 11, I asked for dolls. Today’s 11-year-olds asked for Stanley tumblers,” she quipped. “Seeing Gen Alpha kids sobbing over water bottles is pretty surprising. At least the kids are hydrating!”

The main selling points of the portable cups are the insulation that can keep a drink cold for hours, the rotating lid and the slim base that can easily fit into a car cupholder.

Stanley cups typically range in price between $35 and $45 depending on size and style, but some of the limited-edition Stanleys, such as the 2023 Holiday edition, are being sold on StockX for nearly $300.

Stanley tumblers are also known for their durability, and a video went viral on TikTok in November that proved that to be right. A fire destroyed a woman’s car but left her mug virtually unscathed — and still containing ice a full day later.