The Perfect Drink To Have At Happy Hour

It's time to get back out there!

A new poll of 2000 adults agrees that happy hour should be three hours! Regardless, the average adult will spend about 2.5 hours at happy hour!


The summer season brings longer, brighter days which makes room for activities like happy hours, and this year is no different.

68% of respondents are looking forward to making up for “lost” summers this year due to the pandemic and 64% consider themselves to be more excited for this summer than in previous years.

More daylight boosts the mood for more than half of the respondents and 61% feel guilty if they “burn daylight” during the summer months.

Hoping to take advantage of as much as possible during the summer months, respondents are looking forward to catching up with friends, going out more often and music festivals.

The survey also showed that almost two-thirds (65%) of respondents said they are more likely to participate in a happy hour during warm weather.

When looking at preferred days of the week to partake in a happy hour, data shows that Tuesday is the ideal day to hit the bars after work, with the majority of respondents crowning it as their go-to happy hour day and Friday is a close second.


When looking for the perfect drink to sip on during happy hour, 40% of respondents are looking for something refreshing.

And almost half lean towards easy-to-drink beverages. 

Overall, 63% of respondents agreed that they like to try new things at happy hour. 

To that same tune, 65% prefer going to a happy hour during warmer weather so it’s no surprise that 21% say the cold weather keeps them from attending.

Even so, 20% of respondents say nothing, in particular, will keep them from participating in a happy hour. 

There is one thing respondents can agree on — happy hour start time. For both weekends (24%) and weekdays (23%), the majority prefer happy hour to begin somewhere between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.