The Perfect Night In Includes Cozy Clothing, Pizza, Watching A Movie And Sex!

And we try to own a perfect night in, 12 times a month!

We do this more in the winter during the cold nights spending quality time with our partner, getting to wear cozy clothing and not caring what we look like.




While the study of 2,000 adults found the darkness and cold of the season are the main reasons people are staying in, 36 percent also keep their wits about them due to the new Omicron strain.




The study also found more than three quarters tend to have more cozy nights in during the Christmas period – with an average of three snacks bought to munch on.



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One in five even treat themselves to a log fire and blankets.



The perfect bedtime for such a night averaged at 10:17 pm – with nearly a quarter saying their perfect cozy night in included fun between the sheets.




1.            When it’s cold and rainy outside and you’re snug indoors

2.            It’s more relaxing than a night out

3.            Spending time with your partner

4.            Not caring what you look like

5.            When there’s a film you really want to watch

6.            Binge-watching a TV series

7.            You can wear your cosiest pyjamas

8.            You can pause the movie to make a cup of tea

9.            Ordering a takeaway

10.          You can eat loads of great snacks

11.          Not having to make your way home after midnight