The Price Of Bacon Is Up!

Bacon is more expensive for shoppers than it has been in the past 40 years!

Our go-to package of bacon is up 7% in the past  12 months.


The supply chain issues and inflationary pressures that have become all too common in these pandemic times certainly have played their roles in the pork price hikes, alongside a slew of industry-specific influence.



How we got here


The domestic pork supply chain was one of the quickest to get knocked out of whack when the COVID-19 virus started its spread in the U.S and Canada!



Panic-stricken consumers bought up deep freezers and cleared out meat counters. The foodservice channel effectively shut down overnight, breaking a major arm of the supply chain.



Pork, beef, and poultry have seen some of the highest price jump among other food products since December 2020, climbing 12.1%, 14%, and 6.6%, respectively.