The Real Reason We’re Charged More For ‘Extra’ Sauce At McDonald’s

Is it worth the extra cost for that special sauce?

Fast-food fanatics who love dunking their fries, nuggets and burgers in select dipping condiments from McDonald’s often hate being told, “You’ll have to pay extra for sauce.” 

But an ex-Mickey D’s employee says their unwillingness to dole out the dips isn’t about being rude to Happy Meal heads.

Instead, it’s meant to prevent sauce assault. 

According to the ex-Mickey D’s employee, the chain charges for extra packets to prevent abuse…

“It’s fair to assume that two packets of sauce are enough for a six-pack of nuggets, right?” he continued. 

“If you need more than that, then what the heck are you doing with the nuggets?” McDonald’s allocates its sauce count based on the order… For example, for a four or six-pack of nuggets, you get one sauce packet. 

For every 20 or so packets they save, they don’t have to order another box of them,” said the snack food pro, noting that limiting how many sauces each customer receives helps better serve all patrons.