Candy brussel Sprouts are the best!

Have you noticed how Brussels sprouts have been popping up on restaurant menus?  A TikTok’er asked that question and the response he got went viral.  Back in the ’90s, a Dutch scientist identified the chemical that made them bitter.

@cj.eats These SUPER crispy roasted brussels sprouts are a great side dish you can make in for the holidays or for a side to go with your next weeknight meal! They’re perfectly crispy around every inch of the brussels sprout, just like what you’d expect at the restaurant and so easy to make at home! I personally prefer these extra salty like potato chips, so feel free to season them to your liking with salt at the end! The brussels sprouts will crisp up upon resting. Find the full recipe with all my ingredient and recipe tips on the blog now! #brusselssprouts #sidedish #crispy #holidayrecipes #thanksgiving #easyrecipes ♬ original sound – CJ

So, he bred that chemical OUT of them and crossbred the new sprouts with a variety that produced higher yields.  Not long after, the world had tons of Brussels sprouts that didn’t taste horrible.