The Secret To Happiness!

It seems to simple!

A new survey suggests that expressing gratitude may be the key to happiness!

The secret to happiness may be expressing gratitude. A survey of 2,000 people examining the potential connection between being thankful and contentment in life reveals that 65 percent of respondents who say they’re “very happy” daily are also more likely to “always” give thanks. 

While looking at the correlation between life satisfaction and gratitude, a third of respondents say they regularly make sure to express gratitude in their everyday lives. Of those, 62 percent note they feel “very satisfied” with their lives. 

The study also finds that, on average, respondents believe they express gratitude to others just six times a month. 

Respondents also agree that there are proper ways to respond to being thanked. 

Smiling and saying “You’re welcome” both ranked as the most common nonverbal and verbal responses.

The study notes, “When people are proactive about being grateful, it rewires their brain to look for positives instead of the negatives around them. Previous studies and these survey results tell us that if you want to experience an increase in life satisfaction, just express gratitude more often!”

Respondents say they receive the most gratitude from their spouses or partners, family members, and friends. 

People at the office seem less thankful, with bosses and co-workers trailing further down the list. 

Perhaps it’s not surprising, on that point, that only 18 percent of employed people feel appreciated at work.