The Simpsons Turns Into An Anime?

The Simpsons are planning to change up the show's style... in favour of a Japanese medium?

The Simpsons is flipping to a totally new animation style… just for one episode!

Treehouse of Horror XXXIII is set to release this Sunday, and as a result, the show is SWITCHING IT UP.

A large portion of the episode will be animated in the style of Japanese anime, Death Note.

Death Note follows 17 year old Light Yagami, who finds a book from a Japanese demon, that allows him to write in the name of anyone in the world and kill them.

The original series was written as a manga from 2003 to 2006, and received an anime adaption in 2006. To this day, it’s still one of the most POPULAR series of all time.

Netflix gave it a horrible live-action adaptation, and there were three Japanese live-action movies.

This is WILD to me to see, as someone who grew up on anime and the Simpsons.

Even crazier part? It’s being animated by the studio that worked on the ORIGINAL Death Note series!

Some fans believed it was the work of one artist online, who pitched the idea in 2008:

Anime has seen a huge surge in popularity post pandemic, as many young and old folks have been enjoying the medium in HIGH amounts.

It’s an incredible format that has a lot of fantastic stories being told, that aren’t being told by Western tales.

Plus, social media and memes. It’s always a huge factor.

This announcement comes the day after the Simpsons parodied the Steven King classic It:

Treehouse of Horror XXXIII airs tomorrow, October 30th, on FOX.