The Sound of Ice May Surprise You

Check out a Cool Virtual Concert this Sunday

What does ice sound like? You’ve hear it crack and crunch. You know the sounds of blades cutting through the smooth surface. But, have you ever heard music in those sounds?

Terje Isungset has. But more than that, he has learned to make musical instruments from ice. He harvests the ice from the arctic in Norway and creates instruments that sound familiar and instruments that sound entirely new.

Every year, he and his team put on a concert event.

He writes on his blog:

What we are doing?

We do build an igloo out of snow situated on a lake in the middle of the mountain Hardangervidda in Norway.

We do harvest ice from the lake.

We do make and construct ice instruments inside the igloo.

We do make visual art by using ice only.

We do create a dance arena out on the lake.

Sunday March 14th, Isungset is streaming his annual Ice Festival concert. For more details on the Ice Festival, CLICK HERE.

If you want tickets for the stream, get them through Ticketmaster. When you search for the event on, it takes you to the Norwegian Ticketmaster event page. It looks like it will cost about $20 Canadian.

Isungset’s concert will also feature frozen lake dancing by Embla Skogedal Bergerud, and ice art creation by Gunnveig Nerol.

Most Northern Concert

Check out this video from 2019 of the most northerly concert at Svalbard in the Arctic, in collaboration with Green Peace.


Image: Terje Isungset