The Taller You Are, The More Health Issues You May Have!

The Grass may not always be greener!

Taller than 5ft9? You may be at greater risk of more than 100 health problems, the biggest study of its kind finds

Researchers found being tall was associated with a higher risk of irregular heartbeats, varicose veins, nerve damage and foot ulcers.

Tall people — defined as those 5ft 9 or above — were also more prone to skin and bone infections. 

And they were at greater risk of blood clots, nerve damage and fungal infections in the nails.

Scientists from the Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Centre did not look at why tall people suffer more health issues.

But one theory is that blood must be pumped a longer distance, which may cause reduced flow — essential for keeping the body healthy.

Carrying more body mass may also put more pressure on the bones, muscles and feet, the researchers said.

However, tall people were found to be at lower risk of some major comorbidities, including coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.