The Things We Constantly Nag Our Family About!

We nag because we love, LOL!

A new poll says that seven in 10 people feel that they constantly have to nag their family in order to get things done, wishing they’d stop leaving clothes on the floor, dishes around the house and shoes lying around. Other gripes include not turning the TV off, turning the heating on too high and leaving bins overflowing.



The average person feels they nag at least three times a day, although 72 percent admit they pester others when they could be doing something themselves. More than four in 10 adults admit they are the main ‘nagger’ in their household. 



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There is an upside to nagging!


Nagging could be perceived as a positive way to tick things off the list, as 48 percent don’t mind being ‘reminded’ and 54 percent believe humans are hardwired to need to be nudged.


1.            Turning off lights

2.            Cleaning up after themselves in general

3.            Putting things back in the wrong place

4.            Having the TV volume too loud

5.            Leaving clothes on the floor

6.            Leaving dishes/cups around the house

7.            Not replacing the toilet roll on the holder

8.            Going outside and leaving the door wide open in winter

9.            Leaving several pairs of shoes lying around

10.          Walking right past things on the stairs which need taking

11.          Not cleaning the sink properly after shaving/ brushing teeth

12.          Not turning the TV off

13.          Not putting clean washing away

14.          Spending too much time on their phones

15.          Turning the heating on too high

16.          Coming down for dinner

17.          Leaving bins overflowing

18.          Saving money

19.          Leaving the dishes next to the dishwasher

20.          Leaving the fridge/freezer door open

21.          Leaving the toilet seat up

22.          Never doing the recycling

23.          Not making beds

24.          Not loading / unloading the dishwasher

25.          Sorting out their general life admin

26.          Spending too much time in front of the TV

27.          Playing videos on their phone too loudly

28.          Reducing their outgoings

29.          Exercising

30.          Letting the laundry basket overflow