The Things We’d Miss The Most If We Ever Lost Our Eyesight!

When was the last time you went to the eye doctor?

From seeing their loved one’s faces to watching the sun rise and set – these are some of the things Americans would miss looking at the most if they ever lost their eyesight. 

A new survey of 2,000 people found that respondents would also miss witnessing their children’s milestones, seeing nature, their pets and their favourite TV shows/movies. 

When asked which of the five senses is the most important to them, their vision came out on top with 77% of the votes. 

The other senses, such as hearing, touching smelling and tasting, trailed extremely far behind.  

Since vision is the most critical sense for the vast majority, it’s no surprise that 65% wish they took better care of their eyes, while another 58% feel they take their eyesight for granted. 

The survey found that the average person starts to worry about their eyesight at 39 years old.

Regardless, 45% believe it’s “very important” to visit the eye doctor annually, with respondents saying they’ve gone to their optometrist an average of four times in the last five years. 

And respondents have also taken matters into their own hands to better care for their eyes. 

Eating a healthy diet, wearing sunglasses, getting more sleep, drinking more water, avoiding rubbing their eyes too much and washing their hands regularly are some of the steps people have taken to maintain their eyes. 

The Top 10 Things People Would Miss Seeing If They Ever Lost Their Vision

Their loved one’s faces – 37% 

Their children’s milestones – 26% 

Nature – 23%

Their pets – 22%

Their favourite TV shows/movies – 15%

Certain colours – 13%

The sunrise/sunset – 13%

Their milestones – 12%

Reading their favourite books – 11%

Food – 11%