The Three Things Seniors Would Have Done Differently If They Only Knew Then What They Know Now!

What decade would you relive if you could?

According to a new study, almost a third of seniors would go back and relive a particular time in their lives if they could.

A survey of 2,000 65 and older adults found that 36% wish they had the knowledge that they have today about different areas of life – like love, finances or health.

If they could relive any decade of their life, seniors would mostly opt for their 30s or 20s, remembering these as the happiest decades of their lives.

The survey also found that if they had the chance to redo one major decision, people would have saved more money.

Still, 36% said regardless of the past, they’re happy with their life as it is and the same percentage believe the errors they made in the past benefitted them by teaching valuable life lessons in the long run.

When asked what advice they would give to their selves in their 20s, people said they would “accept challenges,” tell themselves to “follow your intuition” and “don’t be afraid to seize life.”