The Top every day ‘Dramas’ People Experience

Dinner time should be the number one thing, LOL!

New research found that the most stressful time of day is 7:23 am with the first bit of drama typically happening by 8:18 am.

Individuals experience an average of three dramas a day, with women having their first around 7:50 am, while men last until 8:43 am.

Among the list were spilling something down clothing, burning food and tripping in public.

Other annoyances guaranteed to make people huff and puff were being locked out of their homes, the car not starting and realizing an email you thought sent was in ‘drafts’.

The research found tiredness, an interrupted night’s sleep and a busy day at work were among the top causes of such dramas.

The study also found while 35 percent agreed little dramas are just part of life, a further 24 percent find it difficult to relax when they’re experiencing such woes.

As many as four in 10 have been kept awake at night – or woken up – due to everyday annoyances, including 50 percent of women in comparison to 32 percent of men. Dramas also lead to people feeling frustrated, anxious and tired.

TOP 20

  1. Stuck in traffic
  2. Spilling something down clothing e.g. food, drink, make-up, toothpaste etc
  3. Dropping and smashing something accidentally e.g. a glass, a bowl
  4. Waking up late
  5. Spilling something on the carpet
  6. Burning food
  7. A pan of boiling water bubbling over onto the hob
  8. Tripping over in public
  9. Struggling to find a parking space
  10. Being late for work
  11. Forgetting carrier bags at the supermarket
  12. Being pooed on by a bird
  13. Spilling something on the sofa
  14. Being locked out
  15. The car engine not starting
  16. Being late or missing public transport e.g. bus, train
  17. Public transport being cancelled
  18. Sending a text/message to the wrong person
  19. Deciding what to have for dinner
  20. Forgetting an umbrella in the rain