We Are Now Too Tired To Clean, Cook And Have Sex, Says New Study!

True story!

Research polling 2,000 adults found they complain of tiredness four times a day, spending a total of three hours feeling low in energy.


As a result, we have avoided exercising, cleaning up, and putting the laundry away. More than one in five have even used being tired as a reason not to have a shower, while 23% have been too tired for sex.

Others admitted being too exhausted to even answer the phone, and remove their make-up at the end of the day!  It also emerged that just after 3 pm is the point at which people feel at their most tired, but they are most energetic at 11.10 am.

The study also found 39 percent of adults have ordered delivery because they were too tired to cook, while a third admitted to leaving wet washing in the machine as they didn’t have the energy to hang it up.


43 percent of adults said that being low in energy affects their overall mood, with 27 percent crying and 27 percent arguing with a partner as a result.


More than six in 10 (63 percent) have even had someone comment that they look tired, including their children, boss, and a stranger.


The study carried out via OnePoll found 41 percent blame their tiredness on being unable to get to sleep at night, while 31 percent put it down to stress.


Top 30 things Brits have been too tired for


1.      Tidying their home

2.      General exercise

3.      Doing the washing up

4.      Putting clothes away in the wardrobe

5.      Going for a walk

6.      Cooking dinner

7.      Having sex

8.      Washing their hair

9.     Going to social events

10.   Going food shopping

Showering, answering the phone, and going for a run just missed the top 10.