You Can Tell If A Mom Is A “Hot Mess” By The Colour of Their SUV

Which mom are you?

A trend is growing on social media, defining what kind of mom you are, depending on whether you drive a black or white SUV.

Having a black or white car is no longer about liking this particular colour (or tone) but rather about who you are as a mom.

A white SUV mom is put together…They were Banana Republic and make their own sourdough bread…These moms are also never late for pick up and drop off either…They also have the F-ing Wiggles on 24/7…

A black SUV mom is a “hot mess.”  She’s always late including with her taxes..They also have a Monster energy drink in one cupholder next to their Stanley Cup of water…and 90s hip-hop is always blasting…

Sounds about right, LOL!