The Top Excuses People Have Used To Get Out of a Date!

I have a headache!

According to new research, people will tolerate an average of 51 minutes of a bad date before making their excuses to leave.

The study of 2,000 adults who have ever dated also found it takes just 25 minutes to notice a spark or lack of it.

As for dates which have a bad vibe from the planning stages, a mismatch will typically be cancelled 19 hours in advance of the event.

The top excuses given to get out of going on a date with someone include an emergency at work, unwell relatives and a broken-down car.

The study found 44 percent of those polled have used an excuse to get out of going on a date altogether, while a fifth have left halfway through.

Other reasons included work deadlines, friends or family showing up unannounced and being stuck in traffic.

Of those who have left mid-date, popular tactics to ‘escape’ were friends phoning with a fake emergency, claiming to have a headache and even saying their pet is ill.

Top 20 Excuses People Have Used To Get Out Of A Date!

  1. You’re not feeling well
  2. A family member is ill
  3. An emergency at work
  4. You have a headache
  5. You forgot about something important you need to do instead
  6. Tell them you realize you aren’t ready for a relationship
  7. Your car broke down
  8. You have a deadline at work
  9. Friends or family just showed up for a surprise visit
  10. You’re stuck in traffic
  11. You forgot
  12. Your pet is ill
  13. You accidentally already ate
  14. You can’t find the date venue
  15. You’ve had an allergic reaction
  16. You’ve been arrested
  17. Your date looks too similar to a sibling or other relative
  18. You’ve just been mugged
  19. Your date looks too similar to your ex
  20. A pipe has burst at home