The Top Ten Brands That Remind Us Of Our Childhood!

The Wonderful World of Disney!

Hastings, Nebraska just installed a six-foot statue of the KOOL-AID MAN.  

A guy from Hastings named Edwin Perkins came up with Kool-Aid in 1927 after messing around in his mom’s kitchen.

If you happen to be swinging through southeast Nebraska anytime soon, it’s outside the Hastings Museum of Natural & Cultural History.

A recent survey looked at the top brands that remind us of our childhood, and Kool-Aid made the list.  Here are the top ten:

1.  Nintendo

2.  LEGO

3.  Play-Doh

4.  Hot Wheels

5.  Monopoly

6.  Disney

7.  Kool-Aid

8.  Mattel

9.  Nerf

10.  Hasbro

Here are a few more that made the top 25:  Slinky, Toys “R” Us, Silly Putty, McDonald’s, Ice Pops, Big Wheels, Fruit Roll-Ups, Milton Bradley, Lincoln Logs, and Super Soakers.