The Top Things People Do When They’re Too Busy!

More than half of respondents admitted to being constantly on the run from meeting to […]

More than half of respondents admitted to being constantly on the run from meeting to meeting, and many confessed to skipping lunch twice a week due to being too busy.

The signs you’re too busy include muddling up words, getting days of the week mixed up and feeling like the workday is never going to end.

Accidentally leaving your phone at home and waking up late were other tell-tale signs of having too much on your plate.

Wanting an early night, skipping dinner, and feeling like it’s a long week – by Tuesday – also featured on the list.

As did calling a colleague by the wrong name, forgetting to brush teeth, and considering a nap at the desk.

A Struggle To Take A Break!

The research commissioned by natural energy drink Purdey’s, of 2,000 workers, found that two-thirds have been told by someone else to take a break, though only one in six taken the advice.

Three-quarters also said they struggle to find time for themselves, with 48 percent feeling like there are not enough hours in the day.

Research has shown an incredible number of workers are pushing themselves hard, without taking a moment to themselves to reenergize.

Finding The Right Balance!

Nearly four in ten prioritize others ahead of themselves – while just under a third put work over their wellbeing, and nearly one in five often work late into the evening.

As a result, 47 percent struggle to manage their work-life balance.

One in six have even admitted to dozing off at their desk and 44 percent have missed a social event due to their hectic schedule.

Top 25 Things People Have Done When They’re Too Busy!

  1. Muddled up your words
  2. Got the days of the week mixed up
  3. Thought the working day was never going to end
  4. Told everyone how busy you are
  5. Woke up late
  6. Left your phone at home
  7. Been stuck sat at my desk all day
  8. Gone out for dinner or drinks, but really wanted to go home to bed
  9. Not managed to find to eat until dinner time
  10. Listed everything you need to do, rather than got on with it
  11. Forgotten to put out the bins
  12. Had back-to-back-to-back meetings
  13. Said it’s been a long week on a Tuesday
  14. Accidentally liked a social media post you didn’t want to
  15. Forgotten to plan tea/buy ingredients
  16. Called a colleague the wrong name
  17. Forgotten to brush your teeth
  18. Been on my feet so long during the day I couldn’t feel them anymore
  19. Forgotten where you parked your car
  20. Forgotten to put deodorant on
  21. Considered a nap at my desk
  22. Put on odd socks
  23. Forgotten your laptop charger
  24. Forgotten to post an important letter
  25. Forgotten a loved one’s birthday