The Top Things People Want To Experience Before They Turn 40!

It's all the stuff before the bucket list stuff!

A new poll of 2,000 adults asked respondents to list the top things they should experience by the age of 40. Although there have been other lists about this topic, here is the latest!

The poll found that 83% of respondents have been planning for the future, and almost 75% are optimistic about what’s to come in their lives…

But how have people been planning for the future? Most respondents said by exercising more or going to the doctor, saving money and setting realistic goals.

And most feel that to achieve these goals it’s important to have 20/20 vision and healthy eyes to experience these moments in life.


  • Have a stable job (29%)
  • Own a car (28%)
  • Go to the doctor more often to care for your health (26%)
  • Travel with a person you love (26%)
  • Own a home (26%) 
  • Start a family (25%)
  • Learn to cook/bake well (23%) 
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen, hospital or senior citizen’s home (22%)
  • Donate to charity (21%)
  • Start a hobby (20%)
  • Conquer a fear (e.g. public speaking) (20%) 
  • Own a business (19%)
  • See the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square in person (18%)
  • Go through a break-up (16%) 
  • Go on a solo date (16%) 
  • Learn at least one new language (16%) 
  • Ride a roller coaster (15%) 
  • Watch movies like “This is 40” for laughs (15%)
  • Write a letter to yourself (14%) 
  • Have a romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower (14%)