The Top Things That Make People Fall In Love With A Property!


According to new research out of the UK, people will fall in “love at first sight” with a house more easily than a partner!

Nearly half of the 2,000 homeowners polled admitted they believe it’s possible to find love within seconds – but only when it comes to property.

While 43 percent feel it can happen with a potential partner, six percent less than those who have fallen head over heels for an abode.

The size of the rooms, oversized windows and built-in bookshelves are among the top things that get people lovestruck.

A fifth are instantly sold if a property has a south-facing garden and 16 percent are won over by walk-in wardrobes.

It also emerged that 61 percent claimed they are more likely to say ‘I do’ to a new home than to an expensive wedding.

And a quarter gets more excitement from viewing properties than going on holiday.

Things That Make People Fall In Love At First Sight With A Property!

1.            Size of the rooms

2.            The view from inside

3.            A south facing garden

4.            The size of the windows

5.            The fireplace

6.            The driveway

7.            The flowers in the garden

8.            Storage solutions/built-in storage

9.            Established shrubs in the garden

10.          If there is a walk-in wardrobe