The Unspoken Rules Of Good Neighbour Etiquette!

Respect thy neighbour!

If you recently moved into a new neighbourhood and want the others on your street to like you, there are some things that you can do. It really comes down to courtesy!

Here are some tips:

Don’t steal your neighbours’ packages or mail

If you’re in a street-parking situation, make sure to park so that there’s room for others, too.

If you’re throwing a party, give your neighbours a heads up, and try to keep it down when it gets late.

Pick up your dog’s poop when out for a walk and put it in the trash.  Don’t leave filled poop bags alongside the curb.

Try and get to know your neighbours a little bit!

Try not to scream and shout at your kids constantly so the entire block can hear…

Be mindful of how loud your vehicle is.  Street noise from modified cars or loud bikes is obnoxious.

The same goes for your barking dog…

And speaking of noise, try not to start the lawnmower before 9 am

Cats are beautiful and majestic creatures, but they can wreak havoc on local birds and other wildlife, so keep ’em inside.

When it comes to yard maintenance, try to read the room, and don’t be the house with the worst yard on the block.

Don’t peek over your neighbour’s privacy fence. It’s called a privacy fence for a reason.