Dog-Friendly Neighbourhoods See Less Crime, Says New Study!

The reason, more eyes on the street!

A US study determined, that the more dogs, the less crime!

Researchers at the Ohio State University have found that neighbourhoods with high levels of trust among residents had “lower levels of homicide, robbery and aggravated assaults.

People walking their dogs are essentially patrolling their neighbourhood say the researchers. 

Also when there is high trust among the neighbours, crime rates dropped by half when there were more dogs in the area than not.

“Trust doesn’t help neighbourhoods as much if you don’t have people out there on the streets noticing what is going on. That’s what dog walking does,” says the study.

Also, more dogs on the street mean fewer property crimes such as burglaries and that’s because Fido’s bark deters criminal behaviours.

Next time you’re house hunting, maybe look around to see how many people are walking their dogs.