The Weeknd Half Time Show!

Was it was worth the extra $7 million he spent!

Headlining the half-time show at the Super Bowl is on every performer’s bucket list, and 2021 saw the Toronto native, The Weeknd have his shot!  The Weekend faced challenges that performers in the past never had to deal with due to the pandemic.


Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium only had 25,000 people in attendance, 7,500 of them were health-care workers, and 30,000 cardboard cutouts willed the rest of the seats.


The Weeknd was working under major restrictions for this performance including how many performers he could have on the field, so the Toronto-native had an impressive cityscape stage built into the stands at one end of the field lined with singers, dancers, and musicians!  He fronted the $7 million bill!


There’s no doubt, that the Weeknd can perform, as it was a 13-minute performance of hit after hit!


The performance was 13 minutes long and the hits kept coming, ending the show with Blinding Lights!