The World’s Biggest Eaters Have been Revealed!

Canadian still eat a lot!

A definitive list of the world’s biggest eaters has been revealed – and surprisingly, America did not win first prize. This is surprising since the term ‘supersize’ was invented there!

The data, compiled by Oxford University scientists at OurWorldInData, actually found that the Middle Eastern country, Bahrain, is the highest calorie consumer in the world…

The research, which was gathered using United Nations statistics, showed that people in Bahrain consume more than 4,000 calories per day on average. That’s double the average daily calorie intake recommended by the NHS for women.

The data was based on the total food bought per household on average for each country.

The US did come in a close second, with the average American consuming 3,868 calories every day.

The top 10 is largely made up of European countries, Ireland comes in at third place, followed by Belgium, Turkey, Austria, Germany and Italy.

Meanwhile, the other end of the list makes for some sobering reading. Placing at the bottom at number 185 is the Central African Republic. There, people eat an average of just 1,642 calories a day.

A number of African nations placed low, with Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and Liberia featuring among the bottom 15 countries.

All the countries towards the lower end of the list have faced long-term geopolitical issues which have an impact on their food consumption and food supplies.  

Canada is number 13 on the list with an average Canuck eating 3,519 calories daily! 

The world’s biggest eaters by country – based on average calories consumed per person each day

  1. Bahrain 4,012
  2. United States 3,868
  3. Ireland 3,851
  4. Belgium 3,824
  5. Turkey 3,762
  6. Austria 3,739
  7. Germany 3,648
  8. Italy 3,621
  9. Qatar 3,609
  10. Romania 3,600
  11. France 3,582
  12. Israel 3,570
  13. Canada 3,569
  14. Poland 3,539
  15. Algeria 3,519
  16. Luxembourg 3,497
  17. Portugal 3,489
  18. Norway 3,473
  19. Montenegro 3,469
  20. Netherlands 3,460