Wedding etiquette 101!

What’s the worst thing a guest can do at a wedding?  A new survey looked into it, and getting too drunk did make the list.  But it’s not #1.

The biggest faux pas you can make is ignoring the invite and not RSVP’ing at all.  80% think it’s extremely rude and inappropriate.

Here are the five rudest things a wedding guest can do . . .

1.  Not RSVP’ing yes or no, 80%.

2.  The dress code is formal, but you dress casually.  Like showing up in jeans.  79% say it’s inappropriate.

3.  Wearing something fancier or more extravagant than the couple, 77%

4.  Getting too drunk.  74% say it’s rude, 7% are neutral, and 19% think it’s fine.  So, one in five of us think you should EXPECT drunk people at weddings.

5.  Giving a speech without permission, also 74%.

72% think it’s rude to propose at someone else’s wedding, 65% say the same about bringing a plus-one without permission, and 59% say you should never wear white.

The poll also looked at the most inappropriate things couples can do at their wedding.  The top vote-getters are:  Asking guests to pay for their meal, the bride’s dress showing too much skin, not allowing any plus-ones at all, and making people pay for their drinks.  So open bars are still very popular.

Last few stats:  The most popular old-school wedding traditions today are:  The father-daughter dance, the father giving the bride away, the mother-son dance, the groom asking for the dad’s blessing, and tossing the bouquet.

The least popular by far is the bride vowing to “obey” her husband.  Only 15% think we should keep that tradition.