There Is A Recession Right Now: A Friendship Recession!

And men are said to be suffering the most!  

According to new research, due to the pandemic, we are in the midst of a loneliness epidemic!


And men are said to be suffering the most!  The research found that 1 in 5 men admit to not having a single close friend right now.


Bromances have been on a steady decline for years, as the number of men without a close friend jumped five times since 1995 from 3% to 15% according to findings. And of those men who claim to have at least six close friends has plunged by half from 55% to 27%.

Something has happened since the 90s when men reported having a close group of buddies. According to Cigna Health Insurance, 61% of people report feeling lonely, with men feeling lonelier than women.


Men are also less likely than women to receive emotional support from their friends but receive more emotional support when they have female friends.