There Is A Solar Storm Brewing That Could Prompt An “Internet Apocalypse”

It would be like 1984 all over again!

According to recent findings, Ninety-three million miles away is a solar “superstorm’ that could “cause large-scale Internet outages covering the entire globe and lasting several months.” 



The report explains that most of the time, we’re protected from the Sun’s constant littering of radiation, called solar “wind,” thanks to the Earth’s magnetic shield.  But with nowhere to go, those magnetic particles are pulled to the North and South Poles, producing an awe-inspiring aurora before dissipating.



But sometimes, solar flares can kick up a solar storm strong enough to penetrate our shield and wreak havoc on just about anything powered with electromagnetism — which just about runs the world.



The researchers warn that our internet is not prepared for a large-scale solar event!  If this event were to occur, not only would it be like 1984 again, it would cause widespread blackouts, mass traffic jams, and a breakdown in the global supply chain.




In 1989, a solar storm of moderate severity knocked the power out in northeast Canada for nine hours — still before the rise of internet-based infrastructure.


Researchers say this solar superstorm could happen in the next decade!