There’s A New Dating Trend: Dinner In A U-Haul

Cheap rental trucks are the trendy new date night hotspot!

It all started with one couple who came up with the idea to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and of course, post their creative date night on social media.  Since then, the post has gone viral and the millennials and Gen Z sweethearts are ditching the more traditional and more expensive date nights for a night in the back of a U-Haul!

@meet_the_mccollums #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #viral #Uhauldate #datenight @victoriamccollum8 #deliverusfromeva #couplestiktok ♬ original sound – Mul-ty Muzic

Some couples are eagerly showing off their creative, low-cost reimaginings of the rental vehicles on social media, and the internet is loving the ride.

There are couples who are putting a bed in the cube truck, others taking their new love trucks to drive in’s and packing them with snacks and other things to make their night out fun!

@chloebelljoy 2 for $25 at chili’s. We bought a UHaul and put a mattress in the back. 😂💕 #chilis #dateidea #date #food #funny #cute ♬ Ridin' Roads – Dustin Lynch

Looks like couples everywhere are ready to bust a move…

U-Haul Joke

What’s the difference between U-haul and Youtube?

It’s not cool if I rack up a bunch of hits with U-haul.