There’s A New Line Of Chipotle Makeup Incase You Want Your Face To Look Like A Burrito!

Buritto is not included!

People love Chipotle, and many in Simcoe will drive down to Vaughan (off of Major Mac) to get their fix- true story!


Perhaps to get more people in the door, or to keep their Burritos top of mind, Chipotle just teamed up with e.l.f. Cosmetics to create a line of makeup that will help you look just like a delicious burrito.

The line includes . . .

Eyeshadow with 12, “Chipotle ingredient” shades, including things like corn salsa, white and brown rice, guac, fajita onions, and black and pinto beans. Lip gloss that’s the color of the hot salsa. A face sponge that looks like an avocado.
And a makeup bag that looks like a bag of Chipotle’s chips.  If you’re interested, the items go on sale Wednesday at


They range from $8 to $18 each.