There’s A New Polo Shirt Onesie For Men That Snaps In The Crotch!

It’s basically a bodysuit for men…

A popular Instagram account called The Shade Room posted a picture a few days ago that shows POLO SHIRT ONESIES for adult men.  Yes, they’re collared shirts that go all the way down to the crotch, where they snap between the legs.  Social media is having a field day with this one!

On one hand, that actually might be convenient if you have trouble keeping shirts tucked in.  But on the other hand, you know, the whole “you’re not a baby” thing.  People are now debating whether these are a great idea or terrible.

Men's Polo Onesie on Wish

For what it’s worth, women have been wearing bodysuits for years, so why can’t men?

The onesies for men are being sold on several online stores and all I can think about is “wedgies.”   Some women are not on board with this new fashion trend, with a couple of comments that read:

“If he gotta unsnap anything other than my bra it’s a no for me,” one Instagram user said.

“Imagine your man coming home from work and takes off his work pants and you see this foolishness lol,” another wrote.