There’s An Air Freshener Scent That Could Reduce Your Road Rage!


If you suffer from road rage, there might be a cure in the form of an air freshener! A recent study found that peppermint oil can reduce aggressive driving behaviours!

Researchers suggested that those who experience negative emotions such as stress and aggression while driving might want to invest in a peppermint-scented air freshener.

Compounds in peppermint oil have been shown to have positive effects on the brain in helping with depression and anxiety, which could potentially be the “root” of road rage, the authors wrote.

The findings from the study showed that those who were exposed to peppermint oil through a diffuser showed aggressive behaviour an average of 21.6 times while those without the aroma showed aggression 25.2 times, which is a 16.7% increase.

The study also found that the drivers with the essential oil were more alert and calm on top of being less aggressive and stressed.

Researchers said that peppermint oil could be used daily for those who experience road rage as it “significantly reduced aggressive driving behaviours” — but suggested a car freshener for the scent rather than a diffuser.