There’s An Artist That Paints With Poop!

There’s a Poo-caso specializes in turning crap into Gold!

German artist Werner Härtl, 45, specializes in creating elaborate paintings out of cow dung — which he proudly showcases for fans like a veritable da Vinci of doo-doo.

He uses cow manure to create art.

I bet you’re thinking, my god!  We can’t hang that in the living room because it’s going to smell…. The artist says that when the poo paint is wet, it’s a little funky, but when it’s completely dry it doesn’t smell anymore…

(If just looks like sh**)

Naturally, some might view working with cow poop as unsanitary; however, Härtl claims that he doesn’t “see any health or hygienic issues.”

“According to clinical studies in 2003, cow manure contains bacteria that’s healthy for humans,” he declared. “It strengthens the immune system and stimulates the production of serotonin.”

However, experts advise against handling cow dung as it can contain E. coli and other pathogens as well as various parasites.