Things Every Man Does But Will Never Admit Out Loud

Boys are gross, LOL!

No matter the gender, there are some things people do that they will typically never admit to doing — like picking their nose or stalking their ex on social media.

Dudes are the worst for admitting anything that might be remotely embarrassing….

A Reddit user asked, “What is something all guys do but will never admit to doing?”

Here are the best responses:

“Imagine your entire life with a girl you just met.”  

“Morning pee sometimes goes sideways, and there’s annoying cleaning up to do.”

“Daydream about insane scenarios that will never happen where you’re the main hero who swoops in to save the day. Common examples include things like thinking you could figure out how to land an entire airplane in an emergency”

“Nose picking is more common than anyone will admit.” 

“Kicking ice cubes under the fridge when they fall.”  “If you’re single [and straight]: having feelings or attraction to almost every female friend you’ve got.”

“Singing along to a song that they shouldn’t like, but do.”


“Sniff our armpits to be sure it doesn’t stink — or because we enjoy the smell.”

“Shoving their hand down their pants, just cause. Like if you are sleeping or watching TV, you shove your hand down there. It feels warm and secure.”