Things Gen Z And Millennials Say Boomers Get Right!

May aren't that different?

It’s rare for different generations to agree on things like money, career paths and parenting. But there are some things that the younger generation agrees with older generations on.

Here they are!

Having actual physical knobs, buttons, dials, etc. for so many things. Your oven should not be a touch screen. Buttons should be on phones. There should be radio and temp control knobs in cars. Touch screens do not need to be on everything.

Always bring something with you to a small get-together, housewarming, holiday party, etc. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone to a home and people just show up empty-handed and still drink beer and eat everything.

If there’s no parking nearby, I’m not doing it!

Making a restaurant reservation and then expecting to wait a 1/2 hour when you are on time is ridiculous.

Concerts should start on time!

Music everywhere is too damn loud!

No phones at concerts!

No pets in stores.

Having to download an app for everything!

Not all foods need to be gourmet!