Things Men Are Sick Of Being Judged For

Double standards!

A Reddit Thread asked men what shouldn’t men be judged for doing.

Here are the top answers!

“Taking their full paternity leave as permitted by their employer.”

“Having hobbies people define as effeminate — such as baking, gardening, textiles, stuff like that.”

“Interacting with kids. Especially younger kids.”

“Complimenting Another man”

“Seeking support for their mental health”

“Showing emotion, or not showing emotion. We should get to choose how we feel.”

“Not making the first move”

“Being short. Literally, no one has control over their height. Judge people for the things they can control.”

“Getting physically taken care of. Like a massage or going to the spa!”

“Being shy”

“Taking long showers. I wish I could take a long shower without everybody in the household thinking I’m having a wank. I just want to enjoy hot water, it’s relaxing.”

“Not being in the mood for sex”

“Getting a sports car or new clothes”

“Drinking cocktails instead of beer”

“Not peeing standing up”