Sorry in advance!

We only have ourselves to blame…Millennials are the generation born between 1981 and 1996 and over the last decade-plus, the generation (myself included) has been blamed for a lot of things.

And in the next 50 years, these things will be labelled our fault according to a Reddit forum.

“YouTube and TikTok families. Maybe a rampage of stolen identities because of how many parents currently share their children’s information online.” Well done!  Teaching kids to put all their efforts into social media instead of an actual job! 

“Raising our babies with tablets and iPads”

“Awful Baby Names”. Nevaeh it’s Heaven backwards…

“Open concept houses with grey/beige/taupe everything, sharp edges, and vessel sinks.” Oh and shiplap… Why all the shiplap?

“Painting over hardwood, trim, cabinets, etc.”

“Excess denim and fast fashion in landfills”- if anyone finds my tye-dyed jean jacket, I’ve been looking for it since 1995.

“The rise of AI. Also, everything that will be wrong at that time.”

“Online dating. Gen X used to meet their partners at school, at a bar, or out with friends. People used to meet organically and ghosting wasn’t a term.”

“Population shortage” The younger Millennials aren’t repopulating!

“Not doing anything about the environment”. Are hearts are in the right place- we just don’t know how to deal with it.”

“The collapse of the marriage industry and office space industry.”