Things Old People Do That Young People Hate

I'm officially old!

BuzzFeed asked young people which boomer trends should be extinct.

Here are the best ones:


“The ‘customer is always right’ excuse, and not allowing employees to adequately defend themselves. The customer is the CUSTOMER. The service you get is a privilege, not a right, and you better believe you can be denied service.”



“Can Boomers stop just randomly showing up to visit without checking if it’s okay first? It takes no time at all to send a message or call in advance. It may not specifically be a ‘boomer’ thing, but I don’t know anyone under the age of 40 who does this.”



“Making youngsters feel bad for not buying their own house. Damn, you could buy a house for the price of a coffee, whereas we’re stuck in the rent cycle for years, then shamed for little pleasures like avocado toast.”

“Calling instead of texting (except in the case of an emergency).”




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“Anything that treats alcoholism like a quirky personality trait and not a serious problem.”




“Whining about how millennials and Gen Zers are all entitled brats because we got participation trophies. Yeah, we got them, but you were the ones down at the trophy shop buying them for us. Reap what you sow.”


“Obsessive yard work. Mowing the lawn and picking up every blade of grass is not a personality trait.”

“Stop throwing our old-school views on how to be successful and achieve goals.”