Things People Commonly Accept As Fact (But Are Actually False)

You mean frogs don't give you warts?

How many of these things did you hear from your parents, and accepted as fact?  Did you ever stop to think, if it was all BS?

Thanks to a Reddit conversation, here are the top things we have always just accepted, because, why question it when it seems logical?


That gum stays in your stomach for years if you swallow it

You’ll catch a cold if you go outside and it’s cold

That polygraph tests can detect lying…

Carrots make your vision better!

You’ll get warts if you touch a frog…No, you won’t!  Warts are caused by HPV

That the heart is placed on your left side. It’s only slightly left of the centre.

Scratching poison ivy spreads the infection. It doesn’t.

People only use 10% of their brain

Buying a car is the best way to build credit

Shaving your beard makes it grow back thicker

Antibiotics work for viruses

Sell-by dates on salt

Pineapples grow on trees. They Don’t

Fingernails keep growing after death…Nope!