Things People Would Consider For Their Remains After Death!

People are making sure they live on after death!

In a survey of 2,000 people, 29 percent would consider cremation, with their ashes scattered in a natural setting.

Just 24% of people say they will donate their organs and tissue so they can ‘live on’ through others.

One in 10 would be happy for their entire body to be donated to science, while others like the idea of their ashes being formed into a diamond (seven percent) or being inked into a loved one’s tattoo (four percent).

The study also asked people how they felt about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. The study, commissioned via OnePoll, also found that when it comes to a zombie apocalypse, 18 percent consider themselves at least somewhat prepared for one.

Although only nine percent are ‘very confident’ they’d survive such a scenario, 32 percent are ‘very unconfident’ they’d last.


  1. Be cremated and have your ashes scattered somewhere in nature
  2. Donate your organs and tissue
  3. Be buried under a tree
  4. Traditional burial underground in a wooden coffin
  5. Donate your entire body to science
  6. Be transformed into healthy soil and used for conservation
  7. Buried underground in a bio-degradable coffin
  8. Be cremated and have your ashes turned into a diamond
  9. Be cremated and have your ashes turned into other jewellery
  10. Be given a ‘Viking Funeral’ (Have your body sent out into a body of water on a boat and then set on fire with a flaming arrow)

Other options include having their ashes shot into space, being turned into a decorative paperweight and having ashes mixed into ink so a loved one could use it in a tattoo.